Sunrise Media

Our mission is to utilize art to inspire people to act on behalf of creating a better world by ensuring that our relationships with land, community, and the individual are at the forefront of our decision making, guiding us to a harmonious society. Our goal is to empower clients to be seen and heard, express their solutions for a new earth guiding us to the healing and liberation of all.

Equally as important is empowering youth through creative self-expression. We believe creativity is essential to the well being of our youth and our communities. Social emotional learning and leadership occurs through expression of ideas, building community and sharing our creations to activate collaboration and connection. We work with cultural institutions, schools and art organizations to bring media arts into classrooms, and communities and have an engaging and culturally relevant curriculum to awaken world citizens.

Our Services

Video Marketing Strategy

This is your roadmap to use branded video to drive your business. Deciding what videos to make and what to do with them before you’ve created them is step one of your strategy.


Video humanizes your brand and connects people on a personal level to your services. This attracts aligned clientele driving growth for your business.

Video Editing

Getting the right tone and feeling in your video messaging depends on thorough scripting, direction, production and great editing. The right partnership will provide clear direction to meet your needs every step of the creative process.

Video for Youtube

Need help setting up your channel and the initial management of your YouTube presence? We can get you started and train you!

Video for Instagram

Level up your production value by working with us to create short, cinematic, powerful and engaging videos.

Video for Web Presense

Let us assist you in creating high quality professional videos, putting out great content and growing your customer base.
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